The Stone Turtle

This is a beautiful example of a sculpted boulder. The stone has been shaped into a Turtle. The head is exposed to on the lower left. The plates of the shell are clearly defined and the left front leg lays alongside as if the Turtle is swimming by.

Turtle Rock
Turtle Boulder With Engraved Shell
Stone Turtle Shell
Stone Turtle Shell

Howling at the Moon

This outcropping of stone has a number of exciting for things going on.

First, notice the shelter that has been carved deep into the stone. On rainy days you can get full protection from getting wet.

To the left of the cave is a large tower of stone. This twenty foot plus formation has been cut free from the ledge in front of it causing it to fall forward and stand straight upwards. What is most interesting about this stone is its resemblance to a coyote or wolf. In the second picture notice the head for the dog pointed upwards to the sky. I have been here when the moon is out and it is quite the site.


A Reason.

Having spent years walking this hill I, with the help of many friends, have discovered a wonder of megalithic proportion. Stones that have stood atop this hill for thousands of years, a testament to our ancestors ancient knowledge of their surroundings.

The site I have discovered sits on key ley lines important to the ancient cultures when determining sacred places and dwellings along with ceremonial and burial grounds. Written town history describes many of the dwellings and key strategic points for the natives discovered by early colonialist inhabitants. Where these stones discovered ten thousand years ago by nomadic tribes coming over from Europe and Asia? Built my Mayan builders centuries before or are these examples of Native American stonework , tributes to their ancestors and to the Creator?  Or does this story go deeper into civilizations since wiped away, giant mound builders who’s archeological record has been snuffed out by the powers that be?

I believe what I have found is the largest collection of native stonework in New England. Currently I have discovered over 60 individual examples of stones I presume to have been worked. It is my estimation that there are hundreds. Much of the evidence to support this is compared to other documented examples of native stone work in North America. Specifically this site sits directly between many of the most documented sites in this field of archeology.

It is my greatest concern that this site be protected. Local development will certainly hinder the serenity but much of this site is on state protected land. Unfortunately dozens of these stones are on private land that could potentially be developed in years to come. It is my hope that the further discovery and documentation will help lead to the ultimate protection and respect for these one of a kind masterpieces. It is for those reasons that I will with hold the location of these stones .