Summit Stone

This is the largest stones atop the hill. Shaped smooth on all exposed sides it closely resembles a Turtle with his head cresting below the rising shell. It is my belief that this stone sits along the Major Lunar Standstill alignment of other important ancient stone sites. This stone is the “calabrating” device in a mutli-stone calculator. It would make sense that this stone were stood up right at one time or another.

IMG_5756IMG_6005 IMG_6009Many New England ritual sites are home to chambers and niches. Areas of viewing an equinox or solstice event. I believe this is no different. The Sachem would have perhaps sat below the head of the Turtle and witnessed the Lunar events.


Metonic Cycle Alignment - Turtle Rock

The fit between stones is impressive and both appear to have been worked in order to accept the other.


The open area below is enough to sit cross legged with a nice smooth surface for sitting.

IMG_5761The opposite side of this stone closely resembles a Whale or large Bird head. The shelter or viewing area is show more clearly with sitting area below it.

IMG_5781IMG_6011Sitting on top of this stone you can see the two sights of the Lunar Calender. I believe the moon will rise and set in it’s extremes between these two rocks signifying the Major Lunar Standstill every 18.6 years.

IMG_5769 IMG_5770


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