Turtles seem to be the most predominant animal depicted in stone. The following are examples of stones found on site in virtually every possible place high and low.


This stone appears to be Turtle like and is home to many smaller stones below it. Another tightly packed collection . Is this where “head stones” are truly derived from? The actual head of animal marking the place our remain were buried?


ANIMALS IN STONE – Sunning Turtle

This one piece large boulder is sculpted into a full bodied Turtle. The head protrudes out to the left while the larger mass makes up the shell and body.

Turtle Rock
Turtle Rock

ANIMALS IN STONE – Full Shell Turtle

This stone has been shaped in a number of amazing ways. The panels of the shell have been individually carved to create the lifelike features.

Turtle Boulder With Engraved Shell
Turtle Boulder With Engraved Shell

ANIMALS IN STONE – Sleeping Turtle

It’s still up in the air if this is a Turtle or a Whale. For the time being I imagine a sleeping somber Turtle resting halfway up the hill. There are some markings on the stone an “X” similar to markings on other boulders in the area. The surface of this stone has been hammered so finely that red garnets are protruding outward. When the sun sets the stone is illuminated and sparkles brilliantly.



Here is the Summit Stone used for alignment with the Major Lunar Standstill. It is very likely that this stone was standing at one point. It is at the highest point of the site.



This was the very first stone stack we found while hiking. It is a split stone filled with smaller angled rocks. Covered in moss and lichen  , leaves and twigs we carefully unearthed the debris and found this great find.

Animal Effigy - Turtle Stack
Animal Effigy – Turtle Stack

ANIMALS IN STONE – Stacked Turtle (site 2)

These stones have been stacked on top of a large boulder. The boulder itself has many of the common features of a former standing stone. The bottom is cupped with minimal points of contact. On the top to the boulder is an indented area ideal for sitting. More info may become available on this boulder in the future.

The smaller stones have been carefully placed and resemble the shape of a Turtle.


ANIMALS IN STONE – Swimming Turtle

Here is another example of a Turtle on its side. The side profile gives the impression the Turtle is quickly swimming through the current. It seems the native stone workers were masters in capturing the speed of the animals.


ANIMALS IN STONE – Greeting Turtle

This stone sits a top the hill and just to the right of a large bench. This stone has had a large piece break away at the base on on the right. This piece would have been the head of the Turtle sticking out to the right. The shell is marked with a horizontal grain in the stone and lower outcroppings resemble the feet. I believe this stone and a small number of others are part of an area for greeting or practicing sacred rituals.



One of the largest pieces of sculpture is located at one of the intersecting trail heads. The large shell protrudes out of the earth diagonally. The plates of the shell have been carved clearly. The head of the turtle is visible as if it were sticking its neck out. Facial features can be interpreted upon close inspection.


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